Equipment Inventory Database User Guide
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Gels - If you have a large collection of Gels that you want to inventory, you can keep track of them in theh Gels Module.
Gel Color Summary:  This is a summary page of all the Colors you have.  It shows the color, Qty in Stock, Available Qty, Manufacturer and costs.
Search:  You may Search and Filter on Color or manufacturer.
Here is an example of filtering by Manufacturer:
To clear the filter - click on the "View All Colors" button.
Gel Color Details:
On the Gel Color Details screen you can enter the costs, replacement costs and rental fees.  You can also see the gels that are "In Use" on a Fixture In Use record.  To add or edit a color on the Fixture In Use record - go to the Fixture In Use screen (see Main Menu).
Delete Color:  To delete a Color Gel record - click on the "Delete Color" button on either the Summary or the Details Screen.
There are reports for the Gels collection on the Lighting Reports Menu.
All reports can be printed to a printer or PDF file.  See the Appendix on Printing Options for more details.
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