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New Features

New Features for version 8-2
In version 8-2 three new Utilites have been added:  Update Storage Location for ...  Fixtures, Sound/MM Equipment and Tools.  This Utility allows you to select one or more records and update the Storage Location to a new one.
Here is an example for the Lighting Inventory - Update Fixture Storage Locations.
#1)  Select the new Storage Location from the drop-down box
#2)  You may select the records to update by typing in the Fixture ID - or - use the drop-down box - or - scan the equipment label barcode.
#3)  You may select the records to update by clicking in the check box for the record.  Once a record is selected (by any method) you will see the check in the box.
#4)  Click on the Update Button.  The selected records will have the Storage Location changed and the check marks cleared.
#5)  The count at the bottom of the screen will show how many records were selected before the Update.
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