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  • E. System Requirements, Installation and Security Settings for Windows

E.  System Requirements, Installation and Security Settings for Windows

E.  System Requirements, Installation and Security Settings for Windows
      The database applications are created in MS Access® 2010 as a Runtime version.  This means that you do not need to own MS Access®  2010 or 2013 to open the program, enter/edit data, or print reports.  The Runtime application from Microsoft can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft site (see the link on the Resources Page or search for ‘Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime’). 
If you have MS Access®  2010, or 2013 (32 bit version only) you may use that for the database and you do not need the Runtime software.  Please see the notes below on modifying the Security Settings in MS Access®  2010 / 2013
System Requirements:
To run the application and the Runtime edition the computer needs
Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, or Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system (32 or 64 bit)
2 GB of hard disk space (4 GB or more recommended)
500 MB memory (1 GB recommended)
Installation Notes:
     The database applications are delivered in an installation package.  The package has an *.exe extension - which means it will open and install the database quickly.  The default folder for installing the database is:
     C:\Costume Inventory Resources\ application name
          for the Theatre Inventory Database  the database will be installed in:
     C:\Costume Inventory Resources\Theatre Inventory Database
     You may change the destination folder at the time of the installation.
The database uses the DBPix™ technology to link photos (JPG, BMP, etc.) into the costume record. The dbPixs.exe file will also be installed in the same folder.
A barcode font will also be downloaded.  This font should installed in the Windows font directory
A desktop icon will be installed with a shortcut to the default folder.
NOTE: The Theatre / Prop / Lighting / Pattern Inventory Databases and the DBPix software are designed to work with MS Office/Access 32 bit.  If you have Office/Access 64 bit please contact us to get a different version of the database.
Trust Center / Security Settings:
These settings need to be modified in the MS Access® program - not the Runtime software.
MS Access® 2010 / 2013
MS Access® 2010/2013 has many security parameters already set when you install the system.
The only one you need to be concerned with is the Macro Security setting.  You need to change the setting on each computer the first time you open MS Access®.  After it is setup once these changes should stay.
To change the Macro Security setting:
Open MS Access® 2010/2013 (just open the application – not the Costume Inventory Database)
Click on the “File” menu tab (usually in red at the top left corner)
Click on “Options” (usually near the bottom of the list)
Click on “Trust Center” – the last menu item
Click on “Trust Center Settings” (usually on the right side of the dialog box)
Click on “Macro Settings”
Click on the lowest setting “Enable all macros”.  It will tell you that it is not
recommended but it is required to run VBA code and macros that are in the Inventory Databases.
Click “OK” twice to close the menu dialog boxes.
Close MS Access®  and reopen it.
The Macro Security setting should now be set to run the Inventory Databases.