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Installation Options

Installation Options:
The Theatre Inventory Database can be installed on a PC (Desktop or Laptop), Local Area Network, or the Costume Inventory Resources Dedicated Server.  The database can also be installed on a Mac if a Windows platform is installed.  See the Install on a Mac section of the User guide.
All installations require 400 MB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM (4 or more recommended), MS Access ( 2010 or 2013).  For more information see the Installation section of the Appendix.
The database and the related files can be installed on any PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10. 
Local Area Network:
The software can be installed on a shared drive of a LAN.  See the Network Installation section of the Appendix.
Dedicated Server:
Costume Inventory Resources now has a Dedicated Server running the Citrix XenApp software.  This is a large computer that will store/host your database and photos.  Your database will be accessible from any PC, Mac, or tablet**.
Accessible from any device, any time, from any internet connection
Database and photos automatically backed up dailly
The database file is managed by Costume Inventory Resources so your IT Staff does not have to host the software and trouble shoot problems.    
Database is secure with each organization having their own usernames/accounts and secure folder on the server.
Each organization will set up at least one user account.  The fees for this account (see the website for current pricing) will cover the hosting for the database and the photos (up to 2GB) and one username.  The username can be shared by multiple people in your organization but only one person can be logged in at a time.  Most organizations will want to set up at least 2 usernames.
Your current database and photos can be moved to the Dedicated Server.  The data will be moved to the current version to take advantage of all the new features.
Most customers find that the Dedicated Server has better speed and performance (for PC's and Macs) than their current desktop or laptop.  Speed is dependent on your internet connection speed.
For more information - please check the Dedicated Server page on the website or contact us.
** Note:  Most tablets have very little working memory space (compared to a desktop).  Alternate (smaller) versions of the Theatre Inventory Database will be available for tablet users.