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  • Introduction


The Uniform Inventory Database is designed to help you track:
Uniforms - band, athletic, music, employee, etc
Musical Instruments
Equipment / Props - Sound Equipment, Athletic Equipment, Props (Flags, Rifles, etc) for Marching bands - or any other equipment you have
Music - Scores, sheet music or any publication you want to check out to students or employees
Uniforms, Instruments and Equipment can also be assigned to an Activity.  The Activities can be named Classes, Teams, Bands, or Activities.
People can be entered into the database so that they can check out uniforms, insturments and equipment.  The People screen can be named:  Students, Employees, Team Members or other names.
The Uniforms, Instruments and Equipment/Props can be checked out on the Checkout screen.
Many reports and utilities are available.
This user guide is not complete yet but many features are the same as on the Theatre Inventory Database.  Click here to see that User Guide.