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Sound Equipment and Tools can be Rented to other organizations in much the same way as Lighting Equipment is rented.  The Sound Equipment and Tools are rented on the same screen.  If you only have one module (Sound or Tools) installed - you will only see that tab.
The Steps to create a rental:
1)  Select the Renter/Organization from the list.  If you need to add a new Organization, click on the "Add Renter".
2)  The Contract Date will be today's date unless you change it.  The Receipt # will be the next number in sequence - unless you change it.
3)  Enter the Return Due Date for the items to come back.
4)  Select the pieces of Equipment off the "Select Equipment" drop-down list or scan the Inventory Tag Barcode.
5)  Print a receipt.  There are two styles - the "Receipt" with a lot of details on each item checked out and the "Brief Receipt" for less details and less paper.
Here is an example of a "Brief Receipt" for Sound Equipment and Tools.
To find an existing Rental Record - use the "Search" button.
You can search by Organization name, Receipt #, Date of Contract, Notes or filter the list by Status (Open / Closed)
There are 2 ways to check in a piece of equipment
1)  On the "Check-In Date" field - enter the date the items were returned - or double click in the field to enter today's date or pick a date off the calendar (to the right of the field).
2)  Use the "Quick Check-In" feature.  The Quick Check-in button is at the top of the Rental screen.  You can check-in Sound Equipment or Tools.
All the currently checked out Tools/Equipment items will appear in the "Enter Equipment Number" field.  You can type in the number, select it off the drop-down list or place the cursor there then scan the inventory tag barcode.  Once the Tag ID is selected, it will be checked in. 
The list of items checked in today will appear in the bottom half of the screen.  Once checked in you can view the Equipment record or the Rental from the line item.
You can also print a report of all items checked in - sorted by Storage Location so you know where they are supposed to be stored.
Status:  Once all the items have been returned you can change the Status of the rental to "Closed".  The "Closed" rental records will be still be in the system but will be at the bottom of the list when doing searches.
Payment Details:   The details of the fees calculated for the rental are shown on the Payment Details screen.  Any discounts, Late or Damage fees you have added will be shown here.  While you can keep details of the payment - method or payment, credit/debit card info, etc it is not a good idea to keep the Credit Card info in the Equipment Inventory Database as it is not a secure database.  You could keep the last 4 digits if you want a record of which card they used.
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