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Sound / Multi-Media Reports
The Sound Equipment reports include:
All Equipment - every item is listed.
All Equipment - Value Report - both a Summary and a List of all items with their cost and replacement cost.
All Equipment by Division / Owner.  If you record which department or division (i.e. Theatre or Music or Dance Dept) 'owns' the equipment - you can run a report to show all the items for each dept.
All Equipment by Category - you can select a Category or list all items - sorted by Category.
All Cables by Connector - If you have a lot of cables and want a list by cable connector type - you can print this one.
All Equipment by Storage Location - you can print a list of just a selected location or all locations.  You can also print a Box Card which is a 4" x 6" card or 8 1/2" x 11" list of the contents of the selected storage location.  If you have a lot of small pieces of equipment in a box (i.e. Box 12) you can print a list of what is in that box and put it on the front of the box.
Print Box Numbers - You can print 2 large labels of each number - one for the box and one for the lid. (See the Main Menu/Reports)
List of Equipment where the warranty will expire in the selected number of days.
All Equipment that Needs Repair.  This will list all the records where the "Needs Repair" field is checked with the details of what needs to be repaired.
All Equipment that has been discarded.  You can select a Date range and print a list of everything that has been discarded.
Equipment Inventory Worksheet - If you have a lot of shelves or racks with equipment - you can print multiple copies of this is a blank worksheet.  Using a clipboard with the worksheets you can work through your racks/shelves to write all the information down and label the item with the Inventory Tag.  The values in the tables at the bottom of the page are based on the values in the tables in your database.
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