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If you assign Sound Equipment to a student or performer to use in a Production you will need to keep a list of them.  The Students/Performers form lets you keep track of students and their contact information.
List of Students - this is a list of all students with their contact info.
Student Details:
Here are the contact details of the students and the list of Productions where they were assigned equipment.
You can Add a record with the "Add Record" button.
You can Delete a record with the "Delete Individual" button at the bottom of the screen.
The field "Current" allows you to mark a student as not current so they will not show up on the drop-down lists for assigning equipment.  If you want to view all Students including the "Non-Current" ones - change the "View" drop-down from "Current" to "View All"
You an search for a student by name with the "Search" button.
To assign a Mic Pac or other piece of equipment to a Student/Peformer, go to the Productions screen.
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