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Lighting Utilities
The Lighting Utilities menu allows you to update the Lookup tables for Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos and Gels.  There are also utilities for updating the Photo Folder address and the Storage Locations for Fixtures.
1)  Database Statistics - this will give you a count of the records for Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos, Gels and Productions.
2)  Export to Excel - you can export the Fixtures and Productions records to an Excel file.
3)  View Software Registration - shows the Software Registration Key.
4)  Set up Folder for Photos - This screen allows you to enter the name of the folder on your server or computer where the photos are stored.  It makes it easier to add photos to your Fixture, Gobo records.
Update Lookup tables.
All the drop-down boxes are based on tables.  You can add, edit or delete values in all the tables.  The Lookup table forms are all very similar.  Here is a sample of the Lighting Storage Locations form.  The "X" to the right of each value is a "Delete" key to delete a value.  If a Fixture (or Accessory or Gobo) record uses a value - such as A1 (in this example) and you delete the value, then the Fixture record will not show a Storage Location on the form. 
In the "Shared Utilities" the tables that are shared by all the Lighting Equipment are shown - such as Current Location, Manufactureres, Source/Suppler, etc.  There are also groups of Utility tables that are used only by one module - Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos, or Gels.
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