Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide
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Equipment Inventory
The Equipment module is for tracking all kinds of equipment and props.  You can track your Drum Corps flags, audio-visual equipment, field carts and more.
The Equipment Menu will hold a lot of descriptive data about the equipment and one photo.
Equipment Tag ID: Unique identifier for for the piece of equipment.
Equipment Name:  A name for the Equipment
Description:  Any type of description of the item or its features
Division / Owner:  You can set up a list of owners for this equipment - i.e. Music Dept, Athletic Dept, etc.
Category:  There is a list of Categories in the table already but you can add/edit/delete the values in the table from the Utilities Menu.
Item Type:  What type of equipment is this?  Digital Camera, Flag, etc.
Serial Number:
Supplier / Source:
Date Acquired - this is an actual date field (mm/dd/yy).  This field needs to be formatted as a date so that the Warranty expiration date can be calculated
Warranty - this is the number of days, months or years for the warranty.
Warranty Expires - this is the date when the warranty expires.  Note:  There is a Warranty report on the Reports menu to so show you when your equipment warranties are expiring.
Cost / Value:
Replacement Cost:  This is the cost to replace this item if it is lost or stolen.
Rental Fee:  This is what you would charge someone to rent this item.  If you enter a value here you can always add a discount to the rental at the time of the actual rental.
Storage Location: This is a 2 part Storage Location - i.e. Storage Location = Music Room, Details = Shelf # 2
Notes - just for notes.
Classes / Activities - This piece of equipment can be assigned to one or more classes / activities
Repairs:  You can list all the repairs for this piece of equipment.  You can run reports of all items that need repair from the Reports menu.
Checkout History: This is a list of all the students / performers who have checked out this item
Discard Notes:  A piece of equipment may be marked as "Discarded" if it is broken, been sold, or has been lost.  Discarded Equipment will not show up on Search lists or on the Checkout screen.  You can print a list of all equipment that have been discarded from the Reports Menu.
Add Equipment:  You can add a new piece of equipment using the Add Equipment button.  Each piece of Equipment must have its own unique Tag ID.
Copy Equipment - You can copy a piece of equipment and give it a unique Tag ID
Print Equipment Report - print a single page report of the Equipment description and photo
Search - you can do a simple search from this screen.  To search by more fields click on the "Advanced Search" button.  See the search screen options here.
Click on the links below to see those screens and get more information on each feature.