Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide

G. Install Database on a Mac

     The Music Dept Inventory Database (and the Uniform Inventory Databases) are written in MS Access - a Windows only application.  It is possible and easy to use it on a Mac once you purchase / download and install additional software.  Here is a list of the software programs you will need.
Please see the website for more instructions.  Resource Guides
Software to purchase - if you do not have them already:
•     VM Fusion® or Parallels® - these programs allow you to install MS Windows on the Mac and run Windows programs.  Both will work with MS Office / Access and are easy to use and install. (I have only tested the VM Fusion product.)
     VM Fusion®: Cost: $49.99 (or less)
     Parallels®: Cost: $79.99 ($49.99 at
          Check the VM Fusion® and Parallels® websites for full documentation and support on these products.  Please review the System (processor speed and memory) and Operating System requirements carefully.  Older operating systems are not always supported. If you have problems with the installation please contact the software vendor directly.
•     MS Windows® 8 Home Premium license (the Professional is an option but more expensive and not needed to run MS Access or the database.)              
               Microsoft:  Cost: $199
      $ 150 and up (There are a lot of versions out there -  do not get an “Upgrade” or OEM (Original Equipment Mfg) version.)
Software to Download for free:
•     MS Access Runtime software - available free from Microsoft.  Once you have installed the VM Fusion (or Parallels) and MS Windows you can download and install the Access Runtime software. 
Download it from: