Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide
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Introduction to the Music Dept. Inventory Database
The Music Dept Inventory Database is designed to help you inventory your Uniforms (Band Uniforms, Concert Tuxedos and formal wear, Drum Corp uniforms and more), Musical Instruments, Equipment (Equipment carts, megaphones, flags, flag poles, etc), and Sheet Music.
The 4 Modules - Uniforms, Musical Instruments, Equipment, and Sheet Music store the data for each type of item.  The Features in the right column allow you to assign Uniforms, Instruments, etc to a class or check them out to a student.  The Reports feature has many reports for each module.  The Utilities feature has many utility forms to update the values in any of the look-up tables that are used in the modules.
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There are several introductory Topics that will help you get started: