Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide


Sheet Music Reports
The Sheet Music Reports form is divided into two parts:
Top of screen:  Reports to print data from the selected Sheet Music Title
Bottom of Screen:  Reports to print out data from ALL Sheet Music titles.
All reports/letters can be printed to your printer or to a PDF file.  See the Appendix for help with creating a PDF to email.
Here are a few examples of reports:
Music Checkout List:
Music Checkout List by Student for selected Sheet Music:
Music Checkout List for ALL Students and ALL Music:
 Letter to Students with Overdue Music
Based on the Due Date assigned for the sheet music you can tell if sheet music hasn't been returned and is overdue.  
You can produce a letter to each student for each piece of music they have not returned.  The top of the letter lists the student name, title of music and when it was due.  The body of the letter can be customized from the "Edit the text of the Letter" form.
Sample Letter: