Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide
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Students / Performers / Individuals
Student List:
Selecting the "Students" option from the Main Menu opens a list of all Students.  All Current students are listed first and 'Not Current" students are listed at the bottom of the list.  The list can be sorted on several fields by using the small arrows above the fields.  Look at the website for a Resource Guide (Music Dept Inventory / Manage Student Records) with a summary of this information.
To View/Edit a student record, click on the "View" button on the right side of the record.  Several reports are available for all "Current" students.
Records can be created for students, performers, or other individuals in your Music Dept program.  Creating a Student record allows you to assign them to Classes/Activities, check out uniforms, instruments, equipment or sheet music.  You can enter their measurements and clothing sizes plus contact information. Please note:  The Music Dept Inventory Database is not a completely secure database.  Please do not enter personal data unless you have a way to secure all the files on your computer with a computer User Login (through Windows or your network software).
Add Record - Click on the "Add Record" button to add a new record.
Print Record - You can print the Student record to see all their information
Search - You can search by Student Name or ID
Delete Record - Click on "Delete Record" to delete the record.  It is a good idea to keep student records even after they graduate as you can keep the checkout history.  Mark the "Current" field as "no" after they graduate or leave the program.  Non-current student records will not be included in reports or selections for checkout or Classes/Activities.
Load Photo - A single photo can be loaded to the student record.  Click on Load Photo and select the photo you want.  To set the Photo Path to the folder where all the photos are kept, click on the "Set Photo Path" button below the Image Control buttons.
Name (first and last)
Student ID - The Student ID can be used to 'search' for a student or to check-out uniforms, instruments and equipment.
Class Year - This can be used for graduating year for students or year the performer started with the organization
Home and Cell phone
Title - if the Student or Performer has a particular role in the organization or if you are including parents or staff you can include a title here.
Parent or Other Contact Info
Tattoos and Piecings
Measurements and Clothing Sizes
Enter a student/performer's measurements and clothing sizes here for future reference.  The last 2 fields which say "Enter your own measurements here" are for measurements that you need but are not on the list.  Enter a Desciption first then the actual measurement.  See the sample with "Knee to Ankle length".
A student can be assigned to one or more classes or activities.  You may select the Class/Activity here or select the Student/Performer from the Classes/Activities screen.  You can also Delete a Class/Activity from the Student/Performer's list here.
Uniform Checkout History
The Uniform Checkout History is a list of all the items this student has checked out.  For more information on Checkouts go to the Checkouts/Rentals screen.
Instrument Checkout History
The Instrument Checkout History is a list of all the items this student has checked out.
Equipment Checkout History
The Equipment Checkout History is a list of all the items this student has checked out.
Sheet Music Checkout History
The Sheet Music Checkout History is a list of all the items this student has checked out.  If an item is overdue there will be a red *.