Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide


Checkout Utilities
There are four Utility tables that can be updated.
Payment Method - If you record the Payment Method (Check, Credit Card, Cash, etc.) for the Checkout - you can update the options here.
Receipt Utilities: Select the wording for the Check-out Receipts.
a)  Select Receipt Utilities - Titles, Print Receipt Barcode
b)  On this screen you can select one of the options or add your own.
For the wording on the Checkout screen - select the word you want to use instead of "Receipt #".
For the wording on the Checkout reports - enter the word for the Report Title.
If you want to have a barcode for the Receipt # print in the upper right corner of the printout (so you can find the checkout record quickly when someone comes in to check things back in), click on the checkbox. When you create a receipt/contract/invoice be sure to use a 3 digit number (001, 121, 2018-7-20, etc) so that the Barcode will be printed correctly.
Here is a sample of the new checkout 'receipt' file using the titles of "Contract"
Rental Agreement - At the bottom of each receipt is a statement that you can edit.  Enter any text you wish.