Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide
  • Utilities


Utilities Main Menu
The Utilities Menu has several sections:
1)  Company Information -  you can enter details about your school / band or company.  You can also select the titles for the database, the performers, the checkouts, etc.
2)  View List of Installed Modules - this screen allows you to un-install or re-install modules - Uniforms, Musical Instruments, Equipment and Sheet Music.  Click here for more info.
Utilities - These are utilities for the database as a whole.  Click here for more information on the general utilities.
Application Titiles -  These are groups of tables where you may add a new title to use to identify a module in the database.  These tables update the drop-down boxes in the Company  / Application information form.
Module Utilities - These menus are to let you update look-up tables for each module and do other functions specific to a module (update storage locations, etc)
Class/Activity Utilities - This allows you to update the Class Location, Instrumentation, Seasons (i.e. 2018 - 2019, 2019 - 2020, etc.) and Type of Ensemble
Student Performer Utilities - You can update the Class Year (Same as List of Years) and Gender