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Backup Database

Making backups of your database is Essential !    Not just a good idea but very, very necessary.  Every month I am asked to help recover a database that has been corrupted or difficult to recover from a damaged hard drive.  If you make a backup of your database every week or after every major data entry session you will be protected in case you hard disk crashes or the lap top disappears.
It is a good idea to make a backup to your computer - but also - to a flash drive or an external hard disk.  That way you will have a copy away from the computer if disaster strikes.
The Backup Utility (on the Utilities Menu) will make a backup of the Database-DATAONLY file.  This is where your data resides.  This is the important file to have.
(Remember the Theatre Inventory Database xx.accdr file is just the forms and reports.  A backup of this file is made at the time of the installation.)
This example shows that this backup will be made to a local folder on the C:\ drive.
This example shows that the backup will be made to an external drive "F:\". 
Starting in version 5-7 you may also see a log of the backups that have been made.  Click on the View Backup Log button.
Backup Database
Restoring your database file:
*** To restore the data from a backup file - rename the file in the \Theatre Inventory Database folder to something like "Old Theatre Inventory Database DATAONLY.accdb" then copy the backup file to that same directory.  ** Please contact us for help with this !**