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Costume Pieces

Costume Pieces - add / edit costume piece records
Search - search for costume pieces by a costume type, color, size etc. or by Tag ID
Send Costumes To Dry Cleaner - You may select to send one or more costumes to the cleaner
Reports  -  Print a variety of reports
Quick Start Guide - a brief overview of the Costume and Performance Management features.
Utilities - Update the lookup tables for the costume record, update storage and current locations, etc
     The key component to the Costume Pieces module is the individual costume piece (a shirt, pants, jacket, etc.).  Entering the Individual Costume Piece records is the best place to start with the program. Each costume piece must have it’s own unique Costume/Tag ID and Costume Piece record. Once you have entered Costume Piece records you can assign the Costume Pieces to Ensembles and Rent or Check them out.
     If your costumes already have a ID number you can enter that right into the costume record.  If you haven’t created a numbering system yet, you can start a new numbering sequence using numbers or a combination of letters and numbers (see more in the Appendix).  Custom printed inventory tags (costumes) and self adhesive labels are available from Costume Inventory Resources that can have any numbering sequence you request plus your company/school name, logo, bar code or blank lines.