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Inventory Owner

Inventory Owner Module
The Inventory Owner module allows you to create an "Inventory Owner" record for each group who owns costumes, props or wigs in your collection.  For example - you might have costumes, props and wigs from a Community College and a Community Theatre in your warehouse.  While both groups share the costumes, props and wigs - it is a good idea to know who owns what.
1)  Install the Inventory Owner Module:
The Inventory Owner Module is a fee-based add-on.  You can check with Costume Inventory Resources to see the current price.  Once you have purchased the module you will be give a 4 digit Software Registration Key.
1)  From the Main Menu - Go to the Utilities Menu, Select "View List of Installed Modules".
2)  On the Module List form -  Look for the Install new Module button.
3) Select the" Inventory Owner" option.  . 
4)  You will see the Inventory Owner Software Reg screen.  Enter the Registration Key provided by Costume Inventory Resources when you purchased the module.
2) The Inventory Owner is now a module on the main screen (when you install it).
3) The Inventory Owner option will give you a menu to select to see the Inventory Owner info or Reports.
4) The Inventory Owner Information screen now has a summary count of all costumes, props and wigs that are associated with the owner.
There is also a list of each item in the Costume, Props and Wigs tags.  There is a summary of the Costume and Prop rentals for the owner's costumes and props.  It is easy to add more Inventory Owners to the database.  Look for the "Add Owner" button. 
5)  New reports are also available:
 6) The Rentals and Checkout screens have a new Receipt that will break down the rental by Inventory Owner.
7)  When you view a Costume, Props/Sets or Wig screen you will see the Inventory Owner field near the top of the screen.
8)  When you add a Costume Piece or Prop - you can select the Inventory Owner name.  If you use a prefix for the Tag ID's the Program will calculate the next Tag ID in order by prefix.
9)  The Inventory Owner Utilities allows you to view your Software Registration Key