New Features 2021

New Features for 2021-2
1)  Pattern Inventory Database - New Fields
You can see from this diagram the changes to the form:
1)  The Category and Time Period fields have moved.
2)  New Fields have been added for Designer Name, Envelope, Cut/Uncut Pattern, Vender and Date Added to the Collection.
The Search options have also been expanded:
You can search by Designer and Vendor - plus look for Pattern records that are missing the Pattern Company, Time Period, Category, Country and Designer.
2.  Props/Sets - New fields - Height, Width, Depth, Weight
The options for listing the size of a Prop/Set piece has expanded to include Height, Width, Depth and Weight.
The reports of Props/Sets by Category, Type and Item have been updated to include the Height, Width and Depth.
3)  Print out contents of the Utility Lookup Tables for Costume Pieces, Props/Sets and Patterns
You may print out the contents of the Lookup tables to help you edit them and know what is in the list.
1.  Go to the Utilities menu (Costume Pieces, Props/Sets or Patterns)
2.  Select Print Utility Table Values
3.  Pick the tables you want to print
4.  Click on Print Report
4)  Change the order of the Tabs on Costume Pieces and Props/Sets
You can change the order of the tabs on the Costume Pieces and Props/Sets forms.
1.  Go to the Utilities Menu
2.  Select Change order of Tabs
3.  Change the 'Sort Order' for the tabs
4.  Click on Update and Close
5.  Go to the Costumes Pieces (or Props/Sets) form to see the change.
5)  Export Costumes to Excel - A new export of limited fields has been added to the Utilities menu to export some of the fields to an Excel spreadsheet that can be loaded on the web.  See this webpage for more information:  Contact us for more information.
6)  The Theatre and Props-Only databases have been updated to work in the 32 bit and 64 bit environment.  They will also work in the MS Access Runtime - with some limitations.  The Runtime will not permit you to rotate photos or use some of the memory saving tools that run in the background.