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New Features - Version 9

Versions 9-1 - 9-9 - Released 2019
1)  New Module:  Scene Shop Tools
The Scene Shop Tools module has been added - as an Add-On (extra fee) to the Theatre Inventory Database.
This module is designed for inventory only.  There are screen to add/edit tools records, do searches and print reports.  There are no options to check out/rent tools or assign them to productions.
The features of the Tools module are the same as the Tools/ Equipment module in the Equipment Inventory Database.
Add new Tool / Equipment Record
Copy Tool / Equipment Record
Print Equipment Record Report
Add / Edit Drop-down lists (i.e. Category, Manufacturer, etc.) on the Utilities screen
List multiple repair records
Search for Equipment  - 3 ways:
Search by Tag ID on main screen (see dropdown next to the 'Search' button.)
Search on Search Menu for Tag ID, Description, Equipment Type
Search by many different fields on Advanced Search screen:
Print a variety of Reports:
Update Lookup Tables on the Utilities Menu:
New Features - Version 9
2)  Props / Sets Rental Package
For some Props/Sets pieces that should be used/rented as a package - there is not the Rental Package module.
A package is a record that links multiple Props/Sets records together.
For each item added to the set you have the option to rent it separately.  If you don't want to allow one piece to be rented by itself, keep all the "Can be Rented Separately" boxes unchecked.
On the individual Props/Sets record you will see if the item belongs to a set.