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Performers / Students

The opening screen has a List of all the Performers / Individuals.  Click on the View button for the Performer to see/edit their information.  Click on the arrow buttons to sort the list on Last Name, First Name, Contact Name or School (Graduation) Year.
The Performers / Individuals screen has contact, measurement, role/production and checkout history for each performer.
Adding a photo is the same as on other modules.  The location for the  performer photos can be set on the "Utilities" menu (see Utilities button above the photo).
The Student/Performer record can now be searched on Student ID.
 New fields have been added to Performer Record - Eye Color, Singing abilities, Dance, etc.
Any checkouts - Costume, Props/Sets, Wigs, Jewelry, can be viewed on the Checkout tabs at the bottom of the screen.
A single page report can be printed with all the information on the Performer listed.  This report is useful to keep track of performers and their measurements.  For performers assigned to a production, the measurement data for all performers in that production can be exported to Excel from the Productions Reports menu. 
Note:  Performers are marked as "Current" (Current = Yes) when they are added to the database.  If a performer is no longer part of the school or theatre company you can still keep their records by marking them Current =No.  Performers who are no longer current will not show up on any drop down lists for Roles or Costume/Props/Scripts check outs.
There are many fields for Measurements:
There are 3 extra fields at the bottom of the screen where you can enter your own measurement field and the measurement.
The Roles/Productions - is a list of the Roles and Productions where this person has been assigned.
Costume Checkout History and Props Checkout History, Wigs, Jewelry and Scripts checkout - are lists of the items they have checked out and when they were returned (or not).
Actor Details include hair and eye color and special talents.
Audition information can be included - up to 3 videos and 1 PDF (Resume).
The lookups for Performer/Student form can be updated on the Performance Management Utilities form.  The Utilities button on the Performer screen will take you here.  This is where you update the Photo Path (Folder) for the Performer Photos.