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Performers / Students

The opening screen has a List of all the Performers / Individuals.  Click on the View button for the Performer to see/edit their information.  Click on the arrow buttons to sort the list on Last Name, First Name, Contact Name or School (Graduation) Year.
The Performers / Individuals screen has contact, measurement, role/production and checkout history for each performer.
The Student/Performer record can now be searched on Student ID.
 New fields have been added to Performer Record - Eye Color, Singing abilities, Dance, etc.
A single page report can be printed with all the information on the Performer listed.  This report is useful to keep track of performers and their measurements.  For performers assigned to a production, the measurement data for all performers in that production can be exported to Excel from the Productions Reports menu. 
Note:  Performers are marked as "Current" (Current = Yes) when they are added to the database.  If a performer is no longer part of the school or theatre company you can still keep their records by marking them Current =No.  Performers who are no longer current will not show up on any drop down lists for Roles or Costume/Props/Scripts check outs.
There are many fields for Measurements:
There are 2 extra fields where you can enter your own measurement field and the measurement.
The Roles/Productions - is a list of the Roles and Productions where this person has been assigned.
Costume Checkout History and Props Checkout History and Scripts checkout - are lists of the items they have checked out and when they were returned (or not).
Audition information can be included - up to 3 videos and 1 PDF (Resume).
The lookups for Performer/Student form can be updated on the Performance Management Utilities form.  The Utilities button on the Performer screen will take you here.