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Rental Package

 Props / Sets Rental Package
For some Props/Sets pieces that should be used/rented as a package - there is not the Rental Package module.
A package is a record that links multiple Props/Sets records together.
The first screen you see is a list of all Rental Packages.
For each package is a separate form listing all the Props/Sets assigned to the package.  For each item added to the set you have the option to rent it separately.  If you don't want to allow one piece to be rented by itself, keep all the "Can be Rented Separately" boxes unchecked.
You can view a Photo Gallery of all the items in the Package:
You can print a report listing each item and the photos:
On the individual Props/Sets record you will see if the item belongs to a set.
When a Prop/Set piece is rented you will see a message that asks about renting the piece separately or renting the entire package.