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Add & Copy Pattern

Add & Copy Pattern
Add a Pattern
Open the "Patterns" form.  If the form is blank you can start entering data into the empty fields.  If the form already has data click on the "Add Pattern" button.  In this form you can enter the Pattern Number, select the Pattern Company from the drop down, and fill in all the rest of the data you would like to record.  It is a good  idea to type in as much in the Description field as you can.  Later you will be able to search on any word in the Description Field under the "Search For Patterns" feature.  The more words you enter the more likely you will find the pattern when you search for it.
If you have a pattern from a company that is not listed - or want to add a new Category or Time Period - Save this record, click on the Utilities” button which will take you to the Utilities Menu.  There you can add a new pattern company, Category, or Time Period or other lookup item.  See the section below on adding new data to the Utility tables.  Once the new lookup item (Company, Category or Time Period) is added you can then return to the Pattern record and continue entering the data.  If the new value in the drop down box does not appear, click on the “Refresh Lookups” button.
The “Other Classification” field is there to allow you to create your own classification or category for your patterns.  You can go to the Utilities Menu and create a name for the Classification and then create records for the new classification.  See the Utilities section below for more information.
Copy a Pattern - If you have multiple copies of a pattern and want to track each one separately (instead of putting in the Quantity in the record) you can  make a copy with the "Copy Pattern"  button.  It will make a copy of the record and photos.  It will not link the newly copied pattern to a costume piece.