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Company Setup

Company Setup:
 The Theatre Inventory Database Setup screen is designed to help you customize your database.  There are many sections of the setup screen:
Company / School Setup:
Company / School name and Logo:  These will appear on the database menus and screens.  The Company Name will also appear on all reports.
Contact Person:  This is good to have in case someone who is using the database wants to contact the database administrator within your company / school.
Address:  These fields (plus phone and email) will show at the top of the Rental / Checkout Receipts. 
Logo for Checkout/Rental Receipts: To print your logo on the Rental Receipts - load a black & white *.jpg file.  Be sure to click "Yes" on "Do you want to include your logo on Checkout/Rental Receipts? ".
Application Setup:
Security: Do you want to REQUIRE users to Log-in ?  (Yes / No)    This option allows you to require all users to log-in with a Username and Password that you (the administrator) sets.
With security turned on you can assign users to specific Access Levels which can limit their editing ability in the database.
Go to the Set up Security section for more details.
Application Title:     You may select which title you want for your database.  The default is "Theatre Inventory Database" but you can choose "Costume Inventory Database", "Properties Inventory Database" or any of the other options.
Production Title:   You may select which title you want on the  productions screen..  The default is "Productions" but you can choose from "Performances", "Ballets", etc.
Rentals Title:   You may select which title you want on the Check-outs and Rentals screen.  There are several to choose from.
Inventory Owner Module:  The Inventory Owner Module is an add-on feature (for an additional cost) which allows you to keep 2 collections in your database.  For example you might have a Community College and a Community Theatre sharing a warehouse.  If you want to track which costumes and props belong to each group you can install the Inventory Owner module and you will have an extra field in the Costume Pieces and Props screens that allow you to select the owner.  Additional reports are also included.  See the above link for more details.
Spell Check - If you have the full version of MS Access and MS Word you can select to have a Spell Check turned on.  It is not an automatic spell check but a manual system.  If you turn on Spell Check here you will see a Spell Check button at the top of the Costume Pieces, Ensembles, and Props screens.
Each word not found in the dictionary is highlighted.  You have the usual options to Change, Ignore or Add to dictionary.
Sales Tax     If you rent or check out costumes / props and need to charge Sales Tax - you can enter the Sales Tax % here.  
For 8.5% enter 0.085 and the program will convert it to the correct %.
Note:  Each Renter's record (both Individuals and Organizations) have a field called "Charge Sales Tax ? ".  The value here must be "Yes" or Checked for sales tax to be calculated on their rental.
View / Edit Modules and Paths for Photos  -  Look here for the information on Modules