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Costume Reports

The Costume Piece reports are easy to use.  Click on the button or make a selection from the drop down box to view the report in print preview.
List of All Costume Pieces:  All these reports will print all the costume piece records or a summary (depending on the choice).
List of All Costume Pieces by Production:  This is a list of the costume pieces which have been assigned to a Production on the Costume Pieces screen.  This report will not show the Ensembles.
List of All Costume Pieces for the Selected Current Location:  Select a Current Location (Storage, Production, Checked-in, etc) and print the list.  The "All" button will print all the costume pieces in the collection, sorted by Current Location.
List of Costume Pieces that Need Repair : Lists all costume piece records where the "Needs Repair" check box is checked.
List of Costume Pieces that Need Alterations : Lists all costume piece records where the "Needs Alteration" check box is checked.
List of Costume Pieces Used More than ___ Times: This report is designed to show you costume pieces that have been used many times.  Enter a number in the box to have the report select records that have had that many uses.  For example:  To find costume pieces that have been used more than 2 times (3 or more) enter a 2 in the box.  Each record that has been used more than 2 times will be listed and will show you where (Checked-out or assigned to an Ensemble ) the piece was used.
List of Costume Pieces Used Less than __ Times :  This report is similar to the one above - it just shows the costume pieces used less than the number you enter in the box.
List of Costumes that have been Discarded:  This report lists the costumes that have been marked as "Discarded" between the dates you enter.
List of Costume Multiples - a list of all costume pieces that are marked as "Multiple " = Yes.
Barcodes for Costume Multiples - This report prints the Tag ID, costume piece name and a large barcode for costume pieces marked as "Multiple" = Yes.  You can print this report and keep it by the computer where you do check-outs.  Since many of the multiples won't have tags with barcodes in/on them you can scan this report to get the tag ID in the Check-out record.
Costume Inventory Worksheet:  This is a worksheet you can print to give to volunteers to inventory your costumes before the data is entered in the computer.  Feel free to print as many copies as you like.  It is a good way to utilize a large number of volunteers when you have only one computer.  Once the worksheets are filled out one person can enter the data into the inventory database.  Note the lookup tables for Costume Types, Color, Special Effects and Cleaning Codes print the values that are in your database.  You may update this list before printing the copies for your crew.
Storage Reports:
Print Garment Bag #'s -  You enter the numbers to print and they will be printed in the format of Avery 6572 labels.
Print List of Costume Pieces by Storage Location - Select the Location and Location Detail (optional) and print a report or Box Card (to go on the front of the box).
Print Box Numbers - Enter the Box #'s and the report will print 2 copies of each number - one for the box and one for the lid.
Box Titles - Print large labels (2" x 4") with the text you enter.
Hat Storage Box Labels - Select the Tag ID's and print the Tag ID and Barcode on large labels to go on the front of a box.  Very useful for Hats or other items that are stored in a large box.
Rack Dividers Labels - You can Print the Roles for a selected Production or the Production names.  They can be printed on Business cards or large Name Tags.
** Look for the Storage Box Resource Guide on our website - click here.
****  All reports can be printed to a printer, a pdf file or emailed (as a pdf).  See the Print Options for more information.