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Managing Modules

Managing Modules
     The Modules List can accessed from the Utilities Menu (the main Utilities menu, not the individual module Utilities menus).
View List of Installed Modules:
     The list of currently installed modules will be displayed with their photo path.  The photo path is the location where you have stored your photos.  The default path is C:\.
Set the Path for Photos:
Each time you select to load a photo in a record the database will need a starting place/folder to open to locate the photos. NOTE: if the Path field does not have at least the C:\ filled in the "Load Photo" feature will not work.
To fill in the Photo Path you may type the path in or click on the "Edit Path" button to have a larger place to type.  ** If you want the computer to remember the last folder that you used for a selecting a photo you can enter the following code in the Photo Path field  (instead of the path) :  %CD%
Note:  The Ensembles photos are stored in the same folder as the Costume Pieces.  The photo path for Performance Management is the path for the Performers/Individual photos that can be added to the Performer record.
Add New Modules;
To Add a new module, click on the "Install New Module" button.  Select the module to install off the list. The first time you use the new module you will be prompted to enter the Software Registration Key. Contact Costume Inventory Resources for the key.
Uninstall Modules;
To Uninstall a module, click on the "Uninstall" button next to the name of the module to remove.  You will be asked to confirm the uninstall. 
Once a module is uninstalled you can re-install it at a later date.  The first time you go to use the new module you will be prompted to enter the Software Registration Key.