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Print Pattern Record

Print a Pattern Record
To see the Pattern Record report - click on the "Print Pattern Info" button.
To print a pattern record, open the Print Preview ribbon by clicking on the words "Print Preview" at the top of the screen. Click on the "Print" button to open the print dialog box to select your printer.  
You may also export the report to a pdf file. 
Look at the Print Preview ribbon and look for button to "Export to PDF".  This option will allow you to send the report to a file which you save on your computer.  You will see a dialog box with the opportunity to save the export steps.  Close the dialog box without saving the steps.
When you view the report on the screen the details of the pattern back may look impossible to read.  The image usually improves a great deal when it is printed so don't worry about the details until you view the actual printed page.  If you still can't read it then I would check the settings on your scanner and try scanning the pattern  again.