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Production Reports

Costume Piece Reports
Print a list of Costume Pieces assigned to a Production - with or without photos.
For Productions where Costume Pieces are assigned from the Costume Piece screen (or tab on the Productions screen) - you can print a list of the items assigned. 
Performance Management Reports
The Reports from this menu include reports by :
Cast - for sign-in sheets and dressing room assignments
Roles - many choices to view the Roles and the Costumes assigned to them
Performers - for performers assigned to Roles - you can print lists of the Performers and also export their measurement and costume data to Excel
Rack Dividers - you can Print Business Cards and Labels for Rack Dividers with either the Role and / or Performers' name printed.
Ditty Bag Cards (click here)
Excel lists of Performers' measurements and costumes
All Ensemble Record Reports - this will print the 1 page Ensemble Record Report that shows the photos and costume pieces for each Ensemble.
Props Reports
There are 3 reports -
The Props List  (text only)
The Props list with Photos
Business Cards for Props Book  - The Props book (see ) is a way to keep a record of the Props used in a Production when their Tag ID labels have been removed.  You can print the business cards with the Prop ID, Photo, name, storage location information.  Then place each card in a plastic business card holder in a binder along with the string tag that has the Prop ID label.  Here is an example of the Props book from Peter Pan.  For more information - check this link.