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Search Results Reports
Results can be viewed / printed as:
Photo Gallery - See the images of the costumes - 16 per page.  Two different Gallery Reports can also be printed. 
Results - List of costume pieces.  When this report comes up there is a Popup window that lets you select one field to sort the output on.  In the case below the Costume Type was selected and all the records in the report were sorted. 
Results with Photos - Detailed list of results with 1 photo
Summary - results are summarized by Costume Name (such as:  all the black jazz shirts grouped together)
More reports
Business Card / Hang Tags
Each costume piece record is printed on a business card with details of the costume and a photo.  These can be actual business cards (Avery 8371)  or Adhesive labels that are the size of business cards (available from ULine S-6944),  The adhesive labels can be attached to large string tags (Avery 11005)  and those attached to the actual costume.  Having these cards on the costume piece is a great teaching tool so students can look through the collection and learn about the costume piece.
The catalog will list all searched-for costume pieces.  If you would rather this costume piece not be listed in the catalog you can un-check the “Include in Catalog” check box.  The “Include In Catalog” field is set to “Yes” by default.
The Catalog report is a useful report with photos, costume piece details, a title page and index.  The report can be saved to a pdf to email or place on a website.
Storage Location
The Location reports list the selected costumes by their storage location.  This report can help with putting items away after a production or after being returned from a rental or cleaning.  The reports can be printed in Storage Location order or in Tag ID order.    
****  All reports can be printed to a printer, a pdf file or emailed (as a pdf).  See the Print Options for more information.