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Script Records

The Scripts records are designed to record who you check a script out to.
1)  Add the Script - Enter the data for the Type, Title, Author, etc.  If you need to update any of the Drop-down lists, go to the Utilities screen.
2)  Search - You can search for scripts by several fields:
3)  To check-out the scripts -
*  Enter the Due Date
*  Enter the Starting number - this could be the number of the script copy. 
*  Enter the number of Copies - this is the total number of scripts
*  Click on the Create Checkout Copies button.
You will see the number of scripts you selected listed in the box.  To check out a script to a student, select their name from the Select Student drop-down list.  If a Student is not listed, go to the Performer/Individual screen (see the Main Menu or the Performance Management menu) and add the student  - or - view another student's record and click on the "Add Record" button.
4)  To check-in scripts - point to the Date Checked-in field and 1) Double-click with the mouse for Today's Date - or - 2) place your cursor in the field and select the date off the calendar - or - 3)  type in the date.
5)  Quick Check-in
You can enter the Script # in the Drop Down box to check it in - or scan the label if you printed one for script when it was checked out.