Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide
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Classes / Activities
In your school / college / organization there can be classes, activities, clubs, etc.  You can assign Uniforms, Equipment, Instruments and Students / Performers to one or more clubs.
Note:  The name "Classes" can be changed on the Utilities / Company Setup screen.
The descriptive fields include:
Class (name) - the name of the class or activity
Season / Year:  - You can keep track of uniforms, equipment, etc for each class year.  (To update the Season/Year list, go to the "Utilities" menu / "Seasons" .)
Current:  Yes/No.  If a Class/Activity record is for a previous year, you can mark it "No" in the "Current" field.  When you do searches for Classes, the not current records are listed at the bottom.
Director:  Name of the Director or Teacher
Director Contact Info:  Name or email for the director/teacher
Location:  The location where the class or activity is held.
Add Record:  To add a new Class / Activity - click on the "Add Record" button.  A blank screen will appear and you can enter the new record.
Search:  You may search for a Class/Activity by clicking the "Search" button. You may search by Class/Activity Name or Season.
Delete Record:  To delete a Class/Activity record, click on the "Delete Record" button at the bottom left of the Classes/Activities screen.  You will be asked to confirm the deletion.  There is no "Undo" after the record has been deleted.
Reports:  You can print a variety of reports for each set of data:  Students, Uniforms, Instruments and Equipment.
Here is an example of the "List of Individuals with their Checked-out Uniforms":
The Summary of Uniforms - lists all the uniforms - grouped by uniform type and size with a count of the number of uniforms.
Tabs with Related Records:
To add a Uniform to a Class, go to a blank row and select the Uniform Tag ID from the Uniform Tag ID dropdown.
To delete a Uniform from a class, click on the "X" button on the far right side of the record.
To sort the list by Uniform Name, click on the small blue arrow above the Uniform Name field.  To sort by Tag ID, click on the arrow above that field.
To view a Uniform record, click on the View button on the far right side of the record.
Students / Performers  / People
For the students/performers in the class you can print a Measurement List with all the students names and places to fill in the measurements and clothing sizes.  If no values have been entered you can write them in on the report and then transfer the data to each student's record at a later time.