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Accessories - The Accessories module allows you to keep track of accessories in a different way than Fixtures.  You may not want to place an inventory label with a unique barcode on each cable, clamp, barn door.  If you do - that is OK each Accessory record would have its own label and ID.  But if you want to assign a single inventory Tag ID to a group of items that are all the same, you can do that.
Below is a screen print of the Accessories summary.  You can see the TagID, Accessory name, Accessory Type, the Total Qty in the theatre and the Available Qty.  The "Details" button will open the next screen with more details on the item.  As Accessories are rented or assigned to a Fixture In Use, the Available Qty decreases.
Search / Filter Accessories:
The Accessory Summary can be searched and filterd.
You can search by ID or Name.  you can also filter the list by Accessory Type and Cable Type.
In this example the list is being filtered to only show "Cables".
1)  The Filter selection will be listed under the Search button.
2)  You will see only the filtered Accessory Type (in this case Cables)
3)  You can clear the filter to see all Accessories with the "View All Accessories" button.
For the Gobo Holder above the Total Qty in the theatre is 12 but there are only 10 available as 2 are assigned to a Fixture In Use.
Add Accessory:  Click on the "Add Accessory" button to get a blank screen to add an Accessory.
Delete Accessory:  Delete on the "Delete Accessory" button at the top of the screen.
Refresh Lookups:  If you have added a new value to a Lookup table (i.e Storage Location, Source, etc) click on the Refresh Lookups button to see the new value in the drop-down box.
There is also a tab for Rental History.  You can see a Gobo Holder has been checked out 5 times. 
Search for Accessories:
From the Accessory Details screen you can search by ID or Name.
There are 3 types of Reports for Accessories:
All reports can be printed to a printer or PDF file.  See the Appendix on Printing Options for more details.
1)  Lists of all Accessories - a list sorted by TagID; a List of All Accessories sorted by Accessory type; a List of all Accessories for one Accessory Type.
The Accessories with Barcodes report can be used in 2 ways.  You can print it and have it available if you are renting items and want to scan the Accessories barcode without typing.  You can also print the report to Avery 8162 Labels (1 1/3" x 4") and put them on the box or shelf where you store the Accessories.
2)  Accessory Worksheet - This is a blank worksheet.  You can print many copies of it.  Use it to walk around your storage area and take a manual inventory.  Once you have several worksheets filled you can return to the computer and enter the data.
3)  Summary Reports - Accessory Summary and Accessory by Type summary.  Both summaries list the Total # of Accessories, the total Original Cost and the Total Replacement Cost.
There are two areas where the Accessory Lookup Tables are listed on the Lighting Utilities screen.  In the "Shared Utilities" the tables that are shared by all the Lighting Equipment are shown - such as Current Location, Manufacturers, Source/Suppler.  Then there are the two tables that are specific to Accessories - Accessory Type and Cable Type.
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