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The Gobos module lets you catalog your gobos, link a photo or *.jpg, rent them and assign them to a Fixture In Use record.
Add Gobo - Click on the "Add Gobo" button to create a new record.
Qty - if you have more than one copy you can indicate the Qty in the Qty field.  If it is rented out the Qty Available will decrease.
Refresh:  If you have added a new value to a Lookup table (i.e Storage Location, Source, etc) click on the "Refresh"  button to see the new value in the drop-down box.
Load Photo - You can link (load) a photo or *.jpg file to the Gobo Record.  Clik on the Load button and the Select Photo window will open.
The folder that opens will be the one listed in the Utilities / Set up Folder for Photos.
Search:  You can search for a Gobo by Tag ID, Mfg ID, Size or Mfg.
Here is an example of searching by MfgID.
Photo Gallery:  You can view all the photos/*.jpg for you Gobos in the Photo Gallery.  You can also print/PDF this gallery by clicking on the "Print" button.  To look at an individual Gobo record, click on the "View" button below each Gobo picture.
Delete Gobo - To delete a Gobo record - click on the "Delete Gobo" button at the very bottom of the screen.
On the Lighting Reports menu there are several reports for Gobos:
1)  List of All Gobos in Inventory
2)  Photo Gallery of All Gobos.
3)  Summary of Gobos -This includes the number of gobos (each design), the total number of gobos - counting those with a quantity > 1, total costs and replacement costs.
4)  List of all Gobos that have been discarded.
All reports can be printed to a printer or PDF file.  See the Appendix on Printing Options for more details.
Photo Gallery Report.
The Gobos Utilities include Gobo type (steel/glass), Size, and Manufacturer.  The Shared Utilities (Storage Location, Source, etc) are also available.
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