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The Fixtures screen has many fields and 1 photo to help you describe your fixtures.  The form contains text fields where you can type in what you want (like Fixture or Description) or have drop down boxes (like Fixture Type, Mfg, Lens, etc).  The Drop down boxes are based on tables (lists).  These tables can be updated from the Utilities Menu (see the Utilities section of this guide).
TagID:     The Tag ID is a unique number which should match the ID number on the fixture.   This is the only required field in the form.
If you do not have adhesive labels with ID's on them it is a good idea to do so.  Costume Inventory Resources can print custom labels for you or you can purchase them from other vendors.  Many Universities have their own Asset Labels that they may want you to use.
Fixture:  This is a text field that lets you name the fixture.  This is optional but it is a good idea to enter something in.
Current Location:  This is where the fixture is now.  It could also be thought of as "Status".  The options are Storage (default), Production (already in the theatre), Rented (has been rented to another organization) and Repair (is out of the shop being repaired).
Description:  Decription of the fixture and any special instructions or issues with it.
Drop-down fields are pretty self explanatory:
Fixture Type
Mfg (Manufacturer)
Lamp Type
Electrical Rating
Special Effect
Battery Type
Battery Quantity
Storage Location - The table for this drop-down box is blank.  You will need to enter your own storage location values.
Date Acquired
Source (store where you bought it or organization who gave it to you)
Original cost
Replacement cost - this is the amount you would list on an Insurance policy or charge a renter who did not return it.
OK to Rent
Rental Fee (per week)
Flat fee
Serial Number
Change TagID:  If you need to change the Tag ID of a piece of equipment - you can do that by clicking the "#" button next to the Tag ID Field.  You will be asked to enter the New Tag ID.  All Tag ID's must be unique so if you put in a value that is already in the database you will be asked to enter a different value.

Photo:  You may link one photo to the Fixture record.  See the Add Photo section for more information.
Refresh Lookups:  If you have added a new value to a Lookup table (i.e Storage Location, Source, etc) click on the Refresh Lookups button to see the new value in the drop-down box.
"Add Fixture In Use Record"
The "Add Fixture In Use" button will take you to the Fixture In Use screen.  A Fixture In Use record is where the fixture plus the accessories, gobos and gels are assigned to a Production and can be assigned to a specific location in the theatre.
The tab control at the bottom of the screen shows the Fixture in Use records, Rental records and Repairs.
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