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Relink Database Tables

Re-link Database (Front end) to Data Tables (DATAONLY file)
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**** NOTE  These instructions are for the Theatre Inventory Database.  The same instructions work for the Equipment Inventory Database - just substitute the "Equipment" for "Theatre" when you read it.
The Theatre Inventory Database is made up of two files:  The database front-end - Theatre Inventory Database(ver#).accdr.  This file holds the data entry forms, reports and the programming code that makes the database work.  The 2nd file is the database back-end that holds the actual data - Theatre Inventory Database-DATAONLY.accdb. The database is split into these two files to make the backup process easier and quicker and to allow for multiple people working on a network to share the database.
The two files are linked and the links are managed through the "Linked Table Manager". 
If your database back-end file gets moved the front-end will not be able to find it.  The two files can easily be re-linked by using the Linked Table Manager.
1)  Go to Utilities
1)  Click on the Re-link Data Tables button.
2)  Click on the "Always Prompt for new location" button.
3)  Click on the 'Select All" button.
4)  Click on the "OK" button.
5)  Using the Browse window find the database back-end file (Theatre Inventory Database DATAONLY.accdb)
6)  Click on the Open Button.  The database will update the links. 
7)  When it is finished (you will see a message that all tables have been linked.  Then click on the Close button.
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