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The Utilities menu allows you to set up features for all the databases, make a backup copy of the database and takes you to each Inventory Database Utility Menu.
Company Information: You can enter your company name, logo and business address/phone.  You can set up the names of different modules - application, rentals, etc.
The business address and phone are listed at the top of your rental receipts so it is good to have that information listed.
Application Setup:
Security: You may select to require users to Log-in with a username and password.  If you Require users to log-in you will need to set up user accounts for each person and set the security level (Admin, Staff, Read-only).  See the Utilities / Staff section to add / edit users.
Application Titles: You may select the text to see for the Application title (Equipment Inventory Database, Lighting Inventory Database, etc) , the Productions title (Productions, Performances, etc), the Rentals title and the Student/Performer/Individual title.  To update the list of options for each title, go to the Utilities Main Menu and look for the update form for each one.
Sales Tax:  If your organization charges Sales Tax on rentals, this is where you enter the % Sales Tax.  The sales tax will be calculated on the Rentals screen as you add items to the rental record.  In the Organization screen (where you enter the Renter's contact / shipping information) you have the option to charge / not charge Sales Tax.
View List of Installed Modules - Install New Module
There are 3 modules in the Equipment Inventory Database - Lighting, Sound/Multi-Media, and Tools/Equipment.  If you purchase only one module - that module will be listed.  If you want to add modules later - you can do so from this screen.
Staff - see the Utilites/Staff page.
Make a Backup  - see the Utilities/Backing Up Database .
Database Statistics - this will give you a count of the records for all the Equipment, Rentals and Organizations.
Installing the Barcode Font:
The barcode font is used on the regular (not Brief) Rental Receipt.  The font was included in the download package when you installed the database.  Look for an icon that looks like a barcode or go to the C:\Costume Inventory Resource\Equipment Inventory Database folder and look for the FRE3OF9.ttf file.  Double-click the ttf file name to install it.
Set up Folder for Photos - this will take you to the same form as the Install Modules.
Create a folder for the photos where everyone who uses the database can find them.  Put the complete path name here so when you "Load" or link a photo to a fixture or equipment record it will know where to look for the file.
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