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Rentals:  The Lighting Inventory Database is designed to allow you to rent Fixtures, Accessories, Gobos and Gels to other organizations.
The Rentals section has 2 parts:  Rentals and the Renters (Organizations) .
Rentals:   The Rental records show the name of the Organization who is renting your items, the date checked out, the return due date, fees and more.
To create a Rental record for lighting:
1)  Click on New Record to create a new record.  The "Contract Date" and "Date Fixtures Out" fields will be filled in with today's date.  The "Receipt Number" will be the next number in sequence or you can enter your own Receipt Number.
2)  Select a Renter (Organization) from your list of organizations. ( See below. )  You may add a new Organization from this screen with the "Add Org" button.
3)  Set at "Return Due Date" for all items.
4)  Select the Fixture TagID off the list by using a barcode scanner, the drop-down list or by typing it in.  (For Accessories, Gobos and Gels - go to those tabs and select an item off the list).
5)  View - you may view the record by clicking on the "View" button.  If you need to change the Rental Fee - click on the "View" button, view/update the record, save and close the Fixture record, click on the "Update Fee" button to show the new total.
6)  Delete - if you added a record by accident - click on the "Delete" button at the end of the row for that item.
7)  Print Receipt - You can print a receipt for this rental.
Accessories, Gobos and Gels - To add accessories, gobos or gels to this rental - click on the Accessories, Gobos or Gels tab.
Payment Info: This tab has a summary of the items rented and the payment information.  It is not a good idea to record any credit/debit card info in this database as it is not secure.
Update Fee:  If you have added, deleted or edited a record and want to be sure that the Balance Due is correct you can click on the "Update Fee" button.  It is located next to the "Total Fee Due" field and on the Payment Info tab.
Discounts - if you want to apply a Discount to the whole rental - enter the Percentage Discount in the "Discount" field.  If you enter "50" it will discount the entire rental by 50%.
Amount Paid:  Once you enter a value in the Amount Paid field - the Balance Due will recalculate.
Deposit:  The "Deposit" field can hold a Deposit Amount.  It is not included in the Balance Due calculations.
Note:  For any date field marked with an "*" you can 'double-click' the mouse and have today's date entered.
Renters - Organizations is a list of customer names who will or have rented equipment from you.
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