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Fixtures In Use

The Fixtures In Use screen is designed as a basic tool to identify fixtures and where they might be used in a Production.  This is not intended to replace your lighting software but if you do not have lighting software - then it may be useful.
1)  Select a Fixture by its Fixture Tag ID.  You may select its status of "Currently In Use" or "Saved"
2)  Select a Production off the list of Productions you have entered on the Productions screen.  Select the Production location from the drop-down list.  Production Locations can be added on Production Location form on the Lighting Utilities menu.
3)  Select any/all Accessories, Gobos and Gels.
Search Fixtures In Use:
You can Search the list of all Fixtures In Use by Fixture ID or FIxture name.
You may print several reports of all the Fixtures in Use for this production.  See Report buttons at top of screen.
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