Music Dept. Inventory Database User Guide

Instrument Cases

Instrument Cases
The Instrument cases form allows you to enter information about instrument cases.  One case can hold more than one instrument.  Once a Case record has been entered it can be assigned to an instrument - either on this form or on the Instrument form.
Most of the fields are easy to understand and are a way to describe this case.
Case ID:  This is unique number for the case.
Description:  Description of the case
Case Maker:  The manufacturer of the case
Size:  This can be actual measurements or the size of the instrument, i.e. 1/2 size violin
Instrument Type:  What kind of instrument does it hold
Current Location:  Where is this case now?  In Storage, Checked Out??
Storage Location and Details:  There are two fields for storage location - the Main location - i.e. The Music Room, and the details - Shelf 4
Cost:  How much did the case cost?
Replacement Cost:  What will cost to buy a new one if this one is lost or damaged?
Does case contain more than 1 instrument?  Yes / No
Notes:  - Any notes can be listed here
Instruments In Case - You can add one or more instruments to the list of instruments that are stored in a case.  To be added here the instrument has to have been entered in the Instrument form.
Discard Notes:  A case can be marked as Discarded.
Add Case - you can add a new case record with a unique ID
Search - you can search for a case based on several fields.
The Instrument Case Reports are on the Instrument Reports screen.
The Instrument Case Utilities are on the same screen as the Instrument Utilities.  You can update the tables for Instrument/Case Makers and Storage Locations here.