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The Pattern Inventory Module is designed to store information on your pattern collection, allow you to search for patterns based on several different criteria and print reports.  When the Pattern module is part of the Theatre Inventory Database pattern records can be linked to individual costume piece records.
Patterns - Add a pattern record.  You may select the Pattern Company, Category, Theme and location from drop down boxes.  You can enter the Size, Description and any comments.  You can load a scan of the front and back of the envelope or a photo of a completed costume.
Search for Patterns - Search on one or more criteria for patterns
Reports - To print a list of patterns - go to the Reports Menu and select the desired options and print.
Utilities - Review the tables and add data as necessary.  These are the tables are used for the lookup/drop down boxes on the main screens - Pattern Company, Category, Time Period, etc.
Quick Start Guide - A copy of the Quick Start Guide is available and can be read with any pdf reader.  The User Guide (this document) is available as a download from the online user guide website.  See the title page for the link to the pdf file.