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Pattern Utilities
General Utilities:
1)  Setup Folder for Photos - Enter the Drive:\Folder name where the pattern photos are kept.  This will make loading the photos much faster if the program knows where to look for the photos.
2)  View Software Registration - Displays the Software Registration Key
3)  Export to Excel - You may export your list of patterns to Excel.
4)  Database Statistics - Displays the number of Patterns entered in the database.
Pattern Lookup Table Utilities:
The drop down menus in the Pattern screen use data from specific tables.  You can add / edit / update the data in these tables to better suit your pattern collection. 
1)  Adult / Child
2)  Categories - Men, Women, Children, Unisex (M & W), Family (M, W & Children), etc.
3)  Country / Ethnicity / Theme  - This table is designed to let you enter values for either the Country, Ethnicity or a Theme you want to track.  You can enter all new data or use the values already there.
4)  Level of Difficulty - This is the level of difficulty of sewing the pattern.
5)  "Other Classification "  - This table can hold any data you want.  You create your own classification.  Enter the Classification name you want.  In the example above "Style" is used.
6)  Other Classification Name  - Enter the name of the new field here.  It will appear on the Patterns, Search and Reports screen and on reports.
7)  Pattern Companies - List of Pattern companies.  Please add any other companies or hand drafted patterns that you use.
8)  Storage Location - This is the list of storage locations (cabinets, drawers, boxes, bins, etc) where the patterns are kept.
9)  Time Period - If you wish to classify the patterns by time periods or eras - you can enter them here.  There are only a few time periods listed currently.