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 Costume Ensembles
     The Costume Ensemble record allows you to create a complete costume or “Ensemble” that is made up of one or more individual costume pieces.   For example: a “Doll Maker” ensemble might include a vest, shirt, knickers and lace cuffs.  Before creating the ensemble record it is a good idea to create all the individual piece records. 
    In addition to the costume pieces, wigs and props can be added to the Ensemble.
     The Ensemble record includes:
Basic information on the ensemble: Description, Notes, Adult/Child, Size, Storage location, Cost to make or buy, etc.  The field “Include in Catalog” is used to include/exclude an Ensemble from the Catalog report.  (The Catalog report is available from the Search Results screen).
2 photos of the ensemble - see notes above in the Costume Piece section for instructions on loading a photo into the record
          Production (Performance), Role and Performer where the costume is worn
          Items Performer to Provide, Makeup Notes - If there are specific items the performer needs to provide or makeup guidelines they can be added here.  They will print out on the Check-Out Receipt.
The Current Location or status of the ensemble.  The options for the current location are: Storage, Checked-Out, Checked-In, Production, Cleaning, and Class .  If an ensemble is checked out you can click on the “View Check-Out Record” button to view the check-out record details.
The Costume Pieces that make up the Ensemble.
Add an Ensemble Record - Click on the “Add Ensemble” button.  A new Ensemble record will be added.  The Ensemble ID’s are sequential numbers that cannot be changed.
Copy Ensemble - Click on the “Copy Ensemble” button to make one or more copies of the Ensemble.  The Name, description, and photos will be copied but the individual costume pieces and the role will not.
Add Photo - The process to add photos is the same as for an Individual Costume Piece.  Please see page 13.
     Assign Production / Role / Performer to Ensemble
You may add the names of your Productions (Ballets, Plays, Dance performance, Choir Performance, etc.), the roles and the performers that make up the Production. (See the Productions section later in this User Guide).  Once the Production, Role and Performer are entered you may assign a role/performer in a production to an ensemble. This is helpful when you want to view a list of all the costumes assigned to a production record to prepare for a new performance. 
Each ensemble may be assigned to one or more roles/productions.
To add or view a Production / Roles you may select Performances (or Plays or Ballets), etc. from the Main menu or from the button next to the Role box.
NOTE: To select the role/performer on the Ensemble screen the Performer must be assigned first. If you don’t know the performer yet you can still assign the Ensemble to the Role on the Productions screen.
To assign an ensemble to a Production and Role: first select the Production from the first drop-down list. Once the Production is selected, you make pick a role/performer off the list. By selecting the Production first you make sure that you see only the list of roles for the selected production.  Then click on the button Add Production to Ensemble”.  The production and role will be listed below.  You can also view this assignment on the Production screen once the Roles have been copied from the Roles list to the “Assign Performers and Ensembles” tab.
If a role / production record is added in error you may clear the role from the Ensemble record by clicking on the “Clear Role” button.  This does not delete the Role or Production record from the database.  It removes the role assignment from the Ensemble and the Performer.
Assign Costume Pieces to an Ensemble
You may add one or more costume pieces to the ensemble record.  Click on the “Select Piece” combo box to enter or select the costume tag number or the costume name.  If you have a barcode on the Inventory Tag and a barcode scanner you may also place the cursor in the Select Piece combo box and scan the tag.  The ID # will be entered in the combo box and the costume piece record added to the Ensemble.
To view a Costume Piece click on the “View” button.
If a piece has been added in error or is no longer part of the ensemble, you may remove the piece from the Ensemble record using the “Remove Piece” button.  Removing a piece from the Ensemble does not remove it from the database - just from the Ensemble record.
Add Wigs to Ensemble:
Wigs, hair pieces, etc. can be added to Ensemble.  This requires that you have purchased the Wig module.
Add Props to Ensemble:
If an actor needs to be wearing a sword or carrying a shield at all times- or always has book, etc.  you can add that to the Ensemble as well.
Print Ensemble Record
The Ensemble record shows all the fields, both photos, a list of the Costume Pieces plus the photos of each piece.