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Search for Ensembles

The Search / Select menu is designed to search for Ensembles in two ways:  By one or more criteria or By Ensemble ID. 
To search by a criteria you can select one or more options from the lists.  If you leave all the boxes blank you will see all the Ensembles.  If an Ensemble is assigned to more than one Production, the Ensemble name will appear once for each Production. 
To search/ select by ID you can select a group of Ensembles to view or print reports.
The Search Results show all the found records (from either method of searching for Ensembles).  You may view a Photo Gallery or one of many reports.
You may view the Photo Gallery (below) or print a report.  All reports can be printed to a printer or a PDF File.  Click here for more info on creating a PDF file.
Ensemble Search Results Reports
Results (Text Only).  The Ensembles are sorted by Production.
Results with Photos - the list of selected ensembles plus the photos
Ensemble Record Reports - you can print all the Ensemble Records Reports (1 pg per ensemble) for all the selected records.
Catalog - a Catalog with 2 ensembles per page with an index at the end.