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Log-in / Security:
The Theatre Inventory Database has the option to turn on a Log-in feature.  Go to the Utilities / Company Information to set the feature.  The default setting is "No" for no log-in.
To turn on Security:
Select "Yes" from the "Do you want to REQUIRE users to Login" drop-down box.
You will see the following screens:
In order to have access to the database you need to create at least one user with the Admin UserType.  If you don't have one user with Administrator privileges you will not be able to update any Utilities, Add more users, or backup the database.
Add Users:
The Staff table is accessed from the Utilities Menu.
Each person who uses the database should have a Username and Password.  You can create 1 shared username for Read-only staff - as they will not be editing data.
The three choices for User Type / Security Level are:
Administrator - they can add/edit/delete all data and update the Utilities, set up accounts, run the backups and set the photo folders along with all other utilities.
Data Entry / Staff - these users can add, edit and delete data in the data entry forms but not update the utilities.
Read-only - these users can only view the data, do searches and print reports.
Please note:  the User Login / Security system is designed to keep users in the forms where they belong.  It does not 100% guarantee that the data in the data tables is completely secure.  The data in the Theatre Inventory Database_be.accdb is in the same folder as the database and can be accessed without a log-in.  The tables are hidden but anyone with a moderate amount of knowledge with MS Access could access the tables.  We recommend making frequent backups of the data.  See the Utilities / Backup the Database section in this user guide.
Change the User Type / Security level:
To change the User Type / Security level - locate the staff record and change the User Type from the drop-down box.  The next time the user logs into the database the changed level of security will be recognized.
Delete Users:
To delete a user - go to the Staff table and locate the staff member record.  Click on the "X" button to delete the Username / Staff record.
Each time the database opens - the Log-in dialog box will appear.  Select the Username off the list and enter the Password.
Incorrect Password:
If a user enters an incorrect password they will receive a message and have the opportunity to try again.  The Administrator can change the password for any staff member or themselves.
If the administrator cannot log-in - please contact Costume Inventory Resources (1-855-468-8247) or to obtain an over-ride to the password.
If you are not a frequent user of the database it might be a good idea to keep your password written down somewhere safe.
Correct Password:
When the user has entered the correct password they will see the Main Menu and their Username and User type listed on the screen.  When a user adds / edits a record in the Costumes, Ensembles, Props, Scripts, or Patterns forms their username and date will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Change User:
If a single workstation is used by several people the users can log-out and a new user log in without having to exit the database.
On the Main Menu, click on the "Log-out" button.  The user will be prompted to Log-in.