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Props / Sets Records

 The Props / Sets screen allows you to Add a prop/set record, Copy a prop/set record, Find a prop/set record by prop/set name or Tag ID.  Props can be assigned to one or more Productions.
     The prop/set record consists of a Tag ID # (required - even if you don't put the ID # on your props), a Props / Set Name, a Description, an Item Type (chair, basket, flat etc), a Color (use the main color of the Props / Set) and many more details.  Click here for more info.
     All the values in the drop-down boxes (Item type, Color, Time Period, etc.) come from Utility tables that you can update.  Go to the Utilities Menu (see the Utilities button on the Props / Set Piece screen, the Props / Sets Menu or the Main Menu) and view and update the tables.  The data in the tables is a good start to the lists you will need but probably not all you will want.
    If you have more than one of an item - you can mark it as a "Multiple" and enter the Quantity.  As props are checked out the Qty Available updates.
    Props can be added to an Ensemble.  See more info in Ensembles.
     If a Props / Set item is no longer in use you may mark it as "Discarded" so that it will not show up on reports or the Advanced Search.
As some props and sets need frequent repair - there is a tab near the bottom of the screen for Repair History.  You can list all the repairs and print a "Repair Card" to give to the technician who will repair it.