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Costume Piece Records

Costume Piece Records:
     The Costume Pieces screen allows you to Add a costume record, Copy a costume record, Find a costume record by costume name or Tag ID. 
     The costume record consists of a Costume ID # called a Tag ID (required - even if you don't put the ID # in your garments), a Costume Name, a Description, a Costume Type (dress, coat, hat, etc), a Color (use the main color of the costume) and many more details.
     All the values in the drop-down boxes (Costume type, Color, Time Period, etc.) come from Utility tables that you can update.  Go to the Utilities Menu (see the Utilities button on the Costume Piece screen, the Costume Pieces Menu or the Main Menu) and view and update the tables.  The data in the tables is a good start to the lists you will need but probably not all you will want.
     If a costume is no longer in use you may mark it as "Discarded" so that it will not show up on reports or the basic search.  You have the option include Discarded Items in the Advanced Search.
     If you are storing costumes that belong to multiple owners (your Theatre plus a college or another theatre) then you may want to consider adding the Inventory Owner module to track the owner of each item. 
     The tabs along the bottom of the screen allow you to add more details (Measurements, Discard, Performer notes, etc) assign the Costume Piece to an Ensemble or a Production, and view Costume Usage and Rental History.  You can keep a history of the Repairs and Alterations as well.