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New Features - Version 6

Version 6-8 / 6-10 - New Features
1)  Productions / Roles / Act form changes
In the original version of the database the list of Roles for a Production had the "Act/Look/Scene" field as part of the Role record.  This required you to add a "role" record for each look or change of ensemble that the character wore in the production.  This arrangement of many Role records wasn't working for several theatre costume shops.  So in version 6-10 it has been changed so the Roles tab has a single record for each role.  The "Act / Look / Scene" field, which holds the name or the Act / Scene where an ensemble is worn or a short description of the outfit the character is wearing has been moved to the "Assign Performers and Ensembles" tab.  This enables you to have a single role with many 'looks / ensembles'.  You are still able create multiple casts and assign performers to multiple roles.  If you prefer to keep the original organization but want to upgrade to all the other features, please let us know.
2)  The Rental and Checkout Receipt reports have been updated with the following features:
a.  The Costume Piece data now includes the Adult/Child, Male/Female, and Size fields.
b.  The Rental Receipt has the Organization name at the top of the report and the Contact Name below it.
c.   The Brief Receipts now list all costume pieces - including those from Ensembles
3   Several users requested more data entry fields for the Performers.  The new fields are:
Allergies, Tattoos, Piercings, Men's Shirt Size, Men's Pant Size, Men's Suit Size, Women's Dress Size, Women's Pant Size, ChestOverArm, CenterBack to Wrist, Hat Size, Neck to Floor.
The Performer Record report and the" Export Performer's measurements to Excel" option  (Productions screen) have also been updated.
4)  The Performer record now also has a tab for Script Checkouts.  You can see at a glance what scripts have been checked out and if they have been returned.
5)  The Scripts Reports module has been updated to include reports for All Scripts.  Now you can print a list of all scripts checked out and checked out by a student.  This will help you keep track of individual scripts loaned to students for them to study.
6)  The Photo Gallery for Costume Pieces has a "Quick" view button to display the Costume Piece's Name, Size, Adult/Child, Current Location and Storage Location.   The popup only shows for a few seconds and then closes.  This automatic closure is to prevent too many windows being open at the same time.
7)  The Ensemble Search has a new feature - you may select one or more Ensembles to view or print reports.
From the Ensemble Search Results screen you can also print all the Ensemble Record Reports.
8) Pattern Photo Gallery Report added.
The Photo Gallery on the Search Results now has a Print option to print out the photo gallery results of your search.
Report for Photo Gallery:
Version 6-6  -  New Features:
1)  The  "X" (Close Window)  in the upper right hand corner or the screen is now deactivated.  Using the "X" to close the program caused a few issues for some customers so it was best to keep users from using it.  To exit the program, use the "Exit" button on the Main Menu.
2)  New search option on "Needs Repair" and "Needs Alterations".  The Advanced Search screen now has the options to search for Costume Pieces that need repairs or alterations.
3)  The Storage Location Details now will sort correctly.  If you have Box 1, Box 2, and Box 10 - the records will now sort correctly by the text and the number.
4)  In the Ensembles screen you can add a Costume Piece by "Name" as well as "Tag ID".
Version 6 - New Features:
 1)  Costume Piece and Props records can now have 6 photos each.  The main photo is at the top and there is a small tab control below it with tabs for photos 2 - 6. 
To view all photos - there is a "View All Photos" button which will display then all together.
The Costume Piece Report will print all 6 photos:
New Features - Version 6
If you want to share all the photos of a garment or prop with your friends - the best way is to print the Costume Piece (or Props) Record Report (see button at top of screen).  The report can be printed to a printer or to a PDF file.  See the Printing Options section for more information.
2)  The Productions screen can now display the 1st photo of each costume piece, ensemble, performer and prop/set piece assigned to a production. 
3.  The titles of the Application, Productions, Checkout/Rental and Performers/Individuals can be changed.  On the Utilties menu there are options to add/edit the list of choices for each title. 
To change a title that will be displayed go to the Company/Application Information screen (Utilities Menu).  Look for the Drop-down boxes and make your selection.
The updated titles will appear on the forms and reports.
4)  In version 5 the database was split between two files:  the Theatre Inventory Database 6-1.accdr which holds the forms, reports and program code; and Theatre Inventory Database-DATAONLY.accdb - the data tables.  This makes the database much more efficient and easier to use in a multi-user environment.  But - if the database tables were moved or it was installed in a different directory than the program expected - the database application would not open.  Now when the database opens if it cannot find the data tables file the Linked Table Manager screen will prompt you to select the directory where the file is.  Click the "Select All" button and then OK to open the browse window to find the database table file (Theatre Inventory Database DATAONLY.accdb) and  relink the tables..
5)   There were several small changes to the User Security settings to make sure all forms conform to the rules.
6)  The Scripts form now has a Storage Location field so you can assign a location to each set of scripts.
Updates for older versions are here.